Day 4 - 16/11

Team A reflection

Today, team A were driven in by trucks to the Guasisiknaga cave. We put on helmets and entered the dark cave. At first it was a simple stroll, but soon we started ducking heads and crawling through the cave. We stumbled across bat feces which we learnt that people sold for a lot of money. After this first cave, we made our way to another where we saw doodles drawn all over the cave walls. Apparently these doodles were from around 3000 years ago, and we used our imaginations to make up a story revolving around them. 

The trucks took us to a mountain side after lunch to begin rock climbing. This was the first major challenge that team A faced. Many members of the team were worried about the height or their own capabilities. Nonetheless, the team worked together to motivate each other through kind and encouraging words. It showed a new level of our collaboration skills. Overall, the activity was incredibly thrilling and fun, we all enjoyed it a lot. 

Going into the last day, we are all slightly nervous for the upcoming hike as we have been told there are some bugs (specifically leeches). But we are all still excited for the last day and bugs are nothing that we can't conquer! 

Best pictures from the day

Team B reflection

Blurb of the day

Today we did our service where we went tree planting.

Right after we got off the bus, we were greeted by SGI workers who showed us step by step on how to take the tree sapling out of the bag, dig the hole for the tree sapling, and how to make sure the tree would grow straight. Even under the hot sun we all were able to beat group A's tree planting record! Afterwards, we took a bus ride over to the tree nursery where we had to fill tree planting bags with soil and delicately place the tree seeds into the bag. Although we were already tired and quite fatigued after the tree planting exercise we all encouraged each other to keep pushing forwards which helped us reach the "working collaboratively with each other" CAS learning outcome. After a hard day's work we were rewarded with an coconut ice cream smoothie which all of group B enjoyed. Tomorrow, we look forwards to having a great time with the caving and rock climbing activities!

Best pictures from the day