Day 3 - 15/11

About today

Team A reflection

Day was calling. Greeted by the blazing Malaysian sun, another day of adventure was what we were expecting. Today’s itinerary was already given to us the previous day, but an adventure is an adventure and there are always surprises.

Being dropped off at the tree planting site with our heads high and strong spirit, it was as if we could hear the shrubs, yelping in excitement to our arrival. We were briefed on the method to properly lay the shrubs into their new homes, an easily comprehendible yet long process that had to be adhered to. As the blazing sun beat down on us our high spirits refused to yield as shrub by shrub we assured that these trees would one day grow as tall as Yao Ming and as strong as Mohammed Ali. The process though tiring, was ultimately rewarding as the thought of helping the environment empowered us with eternal willpower.

The shrubs were placed in their new homes and we were satisfied with our own work, but our stomaches rumbled and growled. Our hard work was rewarded with a filling lunch that prepared us for the next activity.

The next activity was making the shrubs, a process where we placed a seed into a bag of soil to prepare the shrubs for their process of growth. Ultimately we were able to complete this, in our hearts we knew that teamwork played a crucial part in this victory.

We were able to plant around 60 trees and 100 shrubs. This statistic alone made us feel accomplished, but the ultimate reward was the coconut smoothie. We were satisfied. 

Best pictures from the day - Team A

Team B reflection 

After a delicious breakfast everyone piled onto the bus to get dropped off at our respective activities. Team B got dropped off and then picked up by two trucks that took us to the jungle canopy walk. During the canopy walk we got to see three species of monkey, colourful birds and the beautiful ecosystem of the jungle from up top. After the canopy walk we immediately went to the trail we were going to hike up. The hike through the jungle was muddy and humid but we got to learn a lot of new facts about how the plants and animals coexist. 

After lunch we went to go meet the Batek and learn about what they do to survive as a semi-nomadic tribe. They taught us how to cook a full meal using bamboo, light a fire, build shelter and blow darts out of bamboo tubes. A lot of people were pushed out of their comfort zones, dealing with the heat, dirt and bugs but we all pushed through. 

Best pictures from the day - Team B