Day 2 - 14/11

About today

The day started with a delicious buffet style breakfast, followed by a four hour bus journey to Gua Musang. We arrived at the Kesedar Inn and had a quick and refreshing lunch before heading out for a tubing adventure. Once fastened with the correct safety gear, it was time to enter the water in a plastic tire. The tubing experience involved peaceful floating and paddling. After that, everyone returned back to the hotel for a hot shower, followed by a quick trip to the supermarket. Once back, dinner was served and students got time to relax before coming together for some evening group activities. 

Students were all pushed out of their comfort zones and practiced perseverance. This was represented in the river where everyone faced the rapids and big rocks fearlessly. As well as, checking in to a very local hotel that many kids were not so used to. 

The students will be split into two groups for the rest of the week. One half is off to attending the nursery tomorrow, and the other will be hiking. Everyone is looking forward to these new adventures. 

Best pictures from the day