Day 1 - 13/11

About today

"Taking risks is the best thing ever and that gets you anywhere". - Benee. 

Whether taking risks may refer to eating durian for the first time or traveling abroad without parental guidance. Today, we are all able to proudly announce that we have stepped out of our comfort zone. 

We took a four hour plane ride to Kular Lumpur Airport. Where we met our tour guides from World Volenteer, then we proceeded to take an additional one hour bus ride to the Cosmo Hotel. Our tour guides took us to a roof-top dinner where we were able to enjoy pizza and pasta with a view of the Petronas Twin Towers. After a fulfilling dinner, we were able to explore the Malaysian market where we got to experience a small part of the Malaysian culture. From the traditional cuisines and traditional clothing. We've seen and bought them all! 

We were able to strengthen our independence skills today as well as our communication skills where we initiated a conversation with the seller.  

We are look forward to exploring the city ahead of us, in the outskirts, in Gua Musang. Seeing all of you tomorrow!!

Best pictures from the day

And...we're off!!!

Online Check-in done individually

First night in Kuala Lumpur