CAS information & reflection

Daily reflections


The overarching intention of reflection in CAS includes the opportunity for students to: 

deepen learning 

consider relevance of experience 

explore personal and group values 

recognize the application of knowledge, skills, and attributes 

identify strengths and areas for development 

gain a greater understanding of self and others 

place experience in a larger context 

generate relevant ideas and questions 

consider improvements in individual and collective choices and actions 

transfer prior learning to new situations 

generate and receive constructive feedback 

develop the ongoing habit of thoughtful, reflective practice.

Elements of reflection 

Reflection is a dynamic means for self-knowing, learning and decision-making. Four elements assist in the CAS reflective process. The first two elements form the foundation of reflection. 

Describing what happened: Students retell their memorable moments, identifying what was important or influential, what went well or was difficult, obstacles and successes. Reflection Creativity, activity, service guide 27 

Expressing feelings: Students articulate emotional responses to their experiences. The following two elements add greater depth and expand perspectives. 

Generating ideas: Rethinking or re-examining choices and actions increases awareness about self and situations. 

Asking questions: Questions about people, processes or issues prompt further thinking and ongoing inquiry

Extended reflection

What did I do? could become: 

Why did I make this particular choice? 

How did this experience reflect my personal ideas and values? 

In what ways am I being challenged to think differently about myself and others? 

How did I feel? could become: 

How did I feel about the challenges? 

What happened that prompted particular feelings? 

What choices might have resulted in different feelings and outcomes?

Time for reflection

Students choose significant moments as the basis for reflection, for example when: 

– a moment of discovery is happening 

– a skill is mastered 

– a challenge is confronted 

Reflection 28 Creativity, activity, service guide 

– emotions are provoked 

– achievement deserves celebration. 

Students reflect during or at the end of a CAS experience or series of CAS experiences, to identify important moments, discuss a possible learning outcome, recognize personal growth and achievements, and plan for their next CAS experience. 

Students engage in group reflection with their peers to discover shared insights. 

Students reflect at the beginning, during, and at the end of a series of CAS experiences. This enables students to deliberate on such elements as planning, opportunities, expectations, challenges, progress, and personal growth.

Other enquiry based questions